Apotripiti (Kapases islands), Peroulades

Apotripiti is another of Peroulades’ hidden gems that you can easily pass by without ever knowing it even exists. Just past Canal D' Amour beach, you can easily spot this gem while passing by boat by its two islands (Kapases) located just off the shore.

It may be a small beach but it has all the beauty you will come to expect from the beaches in the North of Corfu. Walled by intricate clay rocks and topped with Corfu’s characteristic lush greenery, Apotripiti and the Kapases adds to the long list of small oases that this paradise island has to offer.

If you are feeling adventurous, drop anchor and swim to the Kapases and have some relaxing time basking in the sun or exercise your cliff-jumping skills.

If you want to feel the sand between your toes, Apotripti is another spot where you can enjoy a free spa. Using the muddy sand of the beach as an ointment for your skin and the clay from the rocks as a mask, you will not only come away more relaxed but also with skin as smooth as a baby.

A favorite by many locals, especially children, Apotripiti is a relaxing alternative to Canal D' Amour.