Canal D'amour

Heading west from Sidari on your Wave Boat adventure, your first stop will be Corfu's famous Canal D' Amour.  

An idyllic area with unique clay rock formations that form a series of wonderful coves and canals, the rocks run in different shades of yellow and are topped with lush greenery. These stunning coves can be reached through several paths and steps, but are far more awe inspiring when viewed from the sea.

With its heavenly crystalline waters, Canal D' Amour is one of the most unique spots in Corfu, and not just good for the soul but for the body too. You may notice some visitors sat on the rocks with a covered in what seems to be mud, in fact its the clay from the stunning rock formations. It is well known locally, and now by the regular tourists, that the clay from these rocks is great for the completion. So, find a good spot, slap some on and bask in the sun for a bit and wash it all off in the crystal blue waters, it'll be the best free spa treatment you'll ever have. 

For the romantics among you local legend has it that couples who swim through the narrow canal together will be together for ever, for the singletons it is said that if you swim the length of the canal you will find the one of your dreams. Whatever way you look at it, it's a pretty magical place all round!