Cape Drastis, Peroulades

Cape Drastis is tucked away in the beautiful wooded landscape of the traditional village of Peroulades, in North Corfu.

One of the best things about Cape Drastis, aside from its breath taking beauty, is that the majority of the area can only be accessed by sea (either by swimming or by boat) and this has protected the area from human intervention, keeping its natural beauty unspoilt.

The only exception is the main cape, which can also be accessed by road or by foot. You can moor your boat here for a short while, sunbathe of the clay rocks, enjoy a Greek coffee and enjoy a dip in the crystalline waters.

However, we recommend that you go beyond the cape where you will find many small and beautiful secluded beaches and several islands where you can lie down and enjoy the quiet and tranquility or practice your cliff-jumping skills.